Empire Earth 2 – Mkl Review

This week I want to have your attention with a little interesting game. It’s called Empire Earth 2. Probably anyone knows what this game is about. And I dont think that You didn’t played only for a couple of minutes this game.

Well, let’s see. I will have into consideration 3 parts: Graphics, Sounds, Difficulty and Inteface.

Graphics: This game it’s a lot better done graphic then the first part of empire earth, including a thing that it’s quite interesting, the weather, that have pleased me. Some good effects, terain quality, and other object into the game are very very good made. Well, still, this graphic part have some problems or should I say that bring some problems to the game. I was unsatisfied that after about 3 hours of playing the game start to “shake the hand”, think that is very enoying in a strategy game, which people plays more hours that other game type. Anyway, he has 8,5 from me on this chapter.

Secondly, Sound. Good sound, good quality. I dont have to comment anything. It’s very good on this chapter. 10.

Difficulty and Interface: This is a part with some problems, because the round are not always the same, and the army is more different, and has some hard interface, to complicated that the first part, the programers want that the game to be as C&C Tiberium Wars. But they scrood up..

And the game difficulty, because above i said about the interface, well, it’s pretty god, maybe one thing is nasty, when you attack their buildings, they come with all their troops, that is something strange

Anyway, 7 is my note.

That’s all, anything you want to add, visit my blog and post comments.

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