Empire Earth 3 – Mkl Review

I had some time to take the game from the store and to play it. First off all, it is a very pretencious game, working very hard on old computers. Anyway, the most interesting part from him was the start movies. In the rest, the subject didn’t capt my interest. World Conflict. It is not very interesting this subject. I’ve played for about half an hour and after i’ve exit, i’ve dropped my cd into “archive” section. Anyway, i’m dissapointed, because EE1 and EE2 were very good games, and of course the have to ruin everything on the third part, they just didn’t want to be like Age of Empires producers, that made an excellent part 3 of that game.

Anyway, general conclusion.

Graphics: Good, the begining. But after that didn’t impress me to much. I think 7 is the appropiate mark.

Gameplay: One of the good part, because it’s really to use like in the other series.

Story: I told at top of this articol that i’m totaly unnipressed by the story invented for EE3. Dissapointed.

I was dissapointed of this game, nothing more to say.

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