The old strategic games – part I

I’ll write some of my posts in english just to test some things.

I miss those games. Empire Earth 1, Stronghold Crusader, Dungeon Siege, Age of Empires 1,2,3 – those are my favourite strategy games. There are other games that I were played by me and they were good, but not good to be on the top – Rise of nations is one of them; in time you get bored of conquest.

Back to my favourite games. I’ll start with Empire Earth 1. Why i like this game? First of all, i love to play this game online. Some peoples played with me hours until finish a game ( Mihai knows that, i played a game with him for approximately 9 hours, and we didn’t beat them, we didn’t manage to fiind those guys last vessels. Damn..! ). Also, i’ve played altmost 5 or 6 hours on train ( 8 hours between two towns ), me against 5 AI, i didn’t manage to finish them off. The AI is quite inteligent in this game, he manage to dispers you when is in desperate sittuation. You stay hours and hours trying to finish a game. That’s what make you addicted.

Next on the list : Stronghold Crusader. This game had something that i didn’t see on EE1: a good administration of resources and population. If you could do that, then you have the rest. It was quite hard in some conditions to get to the resources and keep them. With the food was always a problem. If you had a large population – 600 peoples – they would consume altmost imediatly all your resources. That’s why you had a market there, to buy more. The trades were complicated, but mostly you get a good price.

The game had a lot of mission – 51 missions – but after 22 of them, all get’s complicated. It’s very hard to make resources and defend yourself when you only have trees and 4 Sultans or Caliphs around you. I didn’t manage to continue more that 25, i was pissed of. A lot ­čÖé

There are also special mission, 4 of them – each one divided in more missions ( 4 or 5 usually ). There are missions in which you are limited and you must do what you can to make the quest.

The graphic isn’t so advanced, but for that game is more that i ever wanted ­čÖé

Next time I will continue with the rest of the games.

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2 thoughts on “The old strategic games – part I

  1. Marius says:

    EE2 was a little bit to complex, but in some way easy. And classic for me mean the period 2000- 2004.

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